Successful Communication in Cologne

Interview with Alexandra Mülders

When did you start working for DATAGROUP and what is your position today?

I’ve been with DATAGROUP since the former arxes GmbH became part of DATAGROUP, in February 2010. I started working for arxes on January 1, 2001. And I have been Managing Director of DATAROUP Köln GmbH since March 2010.

How many people do you manage today?

We have around 200 colleagues on the payroll, 13 of which directly report to me.

How did you join DATAGROUP?

I was “bought”. (Smiles)

What do you appreciate most about DATAGROUP?

On the one hand, my autonomy in operational decision-making processes, and on the other hand, the strength arising from joint cross-company decisions.

Characterize yourself with three keywords / in one sentence.

I am strong, brave, honest and pugnacious.

What is a situation that still makes you sweat today?

To this day I am embarrassed when my own organization cannot fully keep up to the performance I promised to a customer.

Do you have a life motto?

“Et kütt, wie et kütt”* and the remainder can be controlled by stringent project management.

What are typical tasks in your daily business?

To guide, lead and instruct human beings. I attach great importance to personal communication with our customer.

What was the biggest challenge in your career?

My biggest challenge was the company’s restructuring in FY 2013 / 2014. I had to part with 72 employees to eventually have a sustainable, healthy company.

What event in your career makes you particularly proud?

The result of the restructuring. Despite all the hardship that came with this assignment I am very proud today that the implemented measures were right and that my company is in a very strong position today.

What is the one thing you cannot do without in your working life?

My assistant, Mrs. Crüll. We work very closely together every day and are perfectly attuned to one another after these many years of cooperation. A lot of my working days would end in chaos without Mrs Crüll. This has never happened thanks to her. Thank you!

From today’s point of view: What advice do you wish you had received as a novice at DATAGROUP?

I would have liked to have had an experienced DATAGROUP manager by my side, who knows all the internal structures and would have prevented me from various mistakes. Instead, some things have gone wrong, but I have learned from these mistakes and it had a particularly lasting effect.


DATAGROUP in five years – Where is it taking us? Three keywords.

Cloud technologies, social skills among the staff and having more human beings who do not always insist on life-life balance. (Smiles)

What personal goals will you set for the future at DATAGROUP?

I want to continue to help achieve the goals above.

What would you advise to someone in their early twenties, who is currently looking for a job and is interested in IT?

Be on time for the job interview and wear appropriate clothes!

Thank you very much for this interview Mrs. Mülders

Alexandra Mülders

Two apprenticeships in the commercial and technical area. 26 years of sales experience in medium-sized IT companies in Berlin and NRW, since 2010 at DATAGROUP. From 2001 Head of Sales and Regions at arxes, since 2010 Managing Director at DATAGROUP Köln GmbH (formerly arxes).