»IT’s that simple.« The Brand Essence of DATAGROUP

Jörg Nuber, Managing Director of the brand agency Apollo 11 on the success factor brand

Successful B2B brands have one thing in common: They are consistently moving forward and clearly get the message across. In doing so, they succeed in turning customers into fans and employees into friends.

“One of the few market-leading IT service providers which
remained human” – this is how a customer of many years has characterized DATAGROUP in an interview. Which is exactly in line with the principles of this unique company: On the one hand, it is as strong as an ox when it comes to technology, having the power of central IT production and the manpower of 2,000 experts. On the other hand, it is unusually human, likeable, accessible and at eye level with Mittelstand companies. A recipe for success can be that simple.

As part of its “brand mission” initiated in 2018, DATAGROUP has listened very closely: to customers, investors and employees. To enthusiastic fans, but also to critical sceptics. IT managers from the North Sea to the Alps have expressed their appreciation for their partner DATAGROUP – but sometimes also had a bone to pick with us. The outcome of these intensive efforts of looking at the status quo has been analyzed, discussed and condensed. DATAGROUP is remarkably open to novelties and changes. Many findings have already been transformed into concrete strategies of action. But above all it has become apparent that there are so many good things happening at DATAGROUP which have not been sufficiently communicated so far. There is great potential here according to the principle: „Do good and tell people about it.”

However, this key phrase in advertising is nothing new and has come to be the easiest part of successful brand communication in the 21st century. Especially in IT, the biggest challenge is not to find and bind customers but to attract and retain the best specialists. For this reason, creating a brand has to come from within. Successful employer branding is what really counts here – and it only works with authenticity and a true employee focus.

From the very beginning, Max H.-H. Schaber had the vision of a company – DATAGROUP – which simplifies the world of IT and the business of its customers. Simplicity, of all things, around a topic which seems to stand out for its complexity. The DATAGROUP brand has adopted this demand and actually succeeded. This is why the new brand claim is “IT‘s that simple”. A clear statement which is also visually reflected in a new corporate design. Born out of the CORBOX, the formally reduced red dice stands for what Max H.-H. Schaber has captured in a nutshell during a brand workshop:

“DATAGROUP is when it works.”

Mission Brand

  • 11 customer interviews
  • 6 internal interviews
  • 950 evaluated employee questionnaires
  • Lots of workshop energy in the “taskforce brand”
  • A creative firework

Brand Agency Apollo 11 GmbH

The astronauts of the Apollo missions have consistently reported that the true benefit of space travel has been the new perspective of Earth. A cooperation with Apollo 11 aims at such a change of perspective. In the end, this very change always leads to a “true” and self-assured brilliant appearance.