Scrambled Eggs for a Good Cause

Once a month, DATAGROUP employees in Cologne meet for a joint scrambled eggs breakfast. A cherished tradition that has an interesting background. Because these organic eggs come from the initiative “Wohnen Leben Arbeiten”, which supports homeless people in Cologne.

The name of the initiative is also its program. Homeless people build flats on a former barracks area, which are then leased to those who need cheap living space most: the homeless and large and low-income families.

What’s special about the project is that homeless people are not pure clients, but are themselves active in the project, both for themselves and for others. This help for self-help is one of the central pillars of the initiative. The homeless get secure housing, either in the self-built apartments or in garden sheds and caravans – depending on their preference. In addition, they are hired by the initiative, whether in construction or in the project’s own farm.

In this farm, they grow vegetables and keep small animals such as chickens and rabbits. A large part of the products benefits the residents and a part is sold in the farm shop.

Businesses can support the initiative in different ways. DATAGROUP has been supporting the project since the beginning of 2018 with the sponsorship of four of the farm’s chickens. DATAGROUP pays €15 per chicken per month and in exchange gets fresh eggs for the monthly breakfast.

“It’s really impressive what a great job the initiative does. We are pleased to be able to contribute to this amazing project with the chicken sponsorships”, explains Alexandra Mülders, Managing Director of DATAGROUP in Cologne. “What’s particularly nice is that we can do something good and at the same time strengthen the team feeling through shared breakfasts.”

The project is also well received by DATAGROUP’s employees: Every month, around 40 people sign up for breakfast, enjoy the scrambled eggs and exchange ideas in a relaxed atmosphere.