Sustainability: DATAGROUP Cooperates with LBBW for ESG Analysis

As a company, we bear a special social responsibility. Sustainability and social responsibility have been part of DATAGROUP’s DNA from the very beginning. Among other things, this is vividly demonstrated at our company headquarters in Pliezhausen:

  • built at the beginning of the 1990s according to high environmental and sustainability requirements that we had set ourselves at the time
  • built for a feel-good working atmosphere for our employees and
  • built according to our principle “We think differently. We work differently. We find better solutions”, which ultimately led to more economical solutions in the construction and maintenance of the building.

Sustainability has been the core of our strategy development since our foundation. Now, this responsibility has gained a more holistic dimension, formality and importance under the term ESG (Environment, Social & Governance). DATAGROUP is in a comprehensive process to bundle the numerous measures and initiatives of the company throughout Germany and to make them available to all interested parties under ESG aspects:

A first step was the publication of the first DATAGROUP ESG Report. In a second step, in 2021, DATAGROUP started a comprehensive process with the Landesbank Baden-Württemberg. The ESG experts of the bank have screened DATAGROUP with a Sustainability Readiness Check, talked to executives and analyzed already existing programs. A trained view from the outside can be helpful in uncovering further potential beyond what already exists and then addressing it strategically. The result of this check is a shortlist of topics that DATAGROUP will now successively expand within the company. The further development of the ESG strategy will thus be anchored in the overarching corporate strategy at the management board level in the long term.