Central Document Management and Filing for GSK Stockmann

The cases and clients handled by the law firm involve hundreds or thousands electronic and printed documents. In order to standardize e-mails and their attachments, as well as other data, and to enable location-independent collaboration, GSK Stockmann assigned DATAGROUP with the task of developing a platform that would allow for centralized document management and collaboration.

The project focused on the following goals:

  • Creation of a centralized filing system for all information and documents
  • Easy collaboration for lawyers and other staff members on the same clients and cases across all locations
  • The highest levels of data protection and security requirements through a specifically-defined and subsequently implemented authorization concept
  • Standardized file structure
  • Easy filing of e-mails and their attachments within the same system as all other documents
  • Highly capable search function
  • Long-term archiving of all files
  • Continuous and reliable availability of the system
  • Mostly automated migration of the 42,000 existing files and 1.3 million individual documents into the new filing system

For GSK Stockmann DATAGROUP developed the integrated solution, “DocFuture“, which consists of several components: Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Outlook, and SMART as the integration tool between the two systems.

Via an interface to the records management system, a separate file is automatically created in SharePoint for every client. While the records management system maintains invoices and access authorizations, SharePoint assumes the function of a comprehensive and uniformly structured filing system.

The system offers “virtual navigation”: every employee can sort and filter the files and content he/she is authorized to access according to individual needs. Frequently used documents can me marked as personal favorites. SharePoint also provides full text search.

SharePoint enables file versioning, specifically, it enables the display and recreation of the current as well as all previous versions of a document. Additionally, files can be accessed and edited by several users at the same time without overlap. This significantly facilitates collaborating on extensive documents.

All these functions can be used directly from Outlook using the tool, SMART, developed by DATAGROUP. SMART is an Outlook add-in that eliminates the need to switch between different programs and user interfaces.


Guido Eckert
T 07127 930-3117

„DocFuture is an asset for the law firm. The organization and communication platform, Outlook, allows for a quick overview of the clients at a glance, and all necessary information and documents can be easily retrieved and filed. DocFuture has had a tremendous effect on making case management across several locations easier. With a capable and competent partner like DATAGROUP AG by our side, we can make adjustments or changes to enhance our product quickly, efficiently, and effectively.“

Jürgen Arnold, Project Manager DocFuture

About GSK Stockmann

GSK Stockmann is one of the leading independent corporate and real estate law firms in Germany. The firm specializes in the areas of banking/finance and public commercial law. More than 135 lawyers are employed by the firm in six locations in Germany. The firm also has offices in Brussels and Luxembourg.


Integrated Solution DocFuture



1.3 million

Individual Documents