Hardware and Software Roll-out for Employees of the SCHWENK Baustoffgruppe

When an entire company wants to set up all end devices anew, it is a logistical and organizational challenge. For the rollout of new hardware and software, SCHWENK decided to work with its partner DATAGROUP. The employees handed in their devices, took part in training, and at the end of the training, they received their devices back from DATAGROUP – newly set up with Microsoft Office 365 and the new Citrix environment – and were able to continue working immediately.

Focus on the User: Flexible and in Partnership

The rollout of the new environment under the motto “SCHWENK One”, which brought all employees in Germany up to the same technical standard, was to take place on a very tight schedule. Since the originally planned service provider did not meet SCHWENK’s requirements, DATAGROUP was brought on board at short notice and proved to be fast and flexible.

The users were the focus of the project for both companies. The target group was very diverse and ranged from employees who regularly work on the computer to those who rarely need access. It was important to cater to all employees and thus ensure a smooth transition to the new environment.

The employees delivered their old hardware in the morning and then took part in a training session on the new software. In the course of this morning, DATAGROUP employees “refueled” both existing devices and the new end devices on site according to the new uniform standards. At the end of the training, these were then available to the employees so that they could continue working immediately. DATAGROUP also provided support in case of queries.

DATAGROUP’s partnership claim was evident at numerous points in the project. On the one hand, DATAGROUP was able to build up a team at very short notice and thus meet SCHWENK’s schedule. On the other hand, DATAGROUP stepped in when there were problems with the shipping of the new hardware that would have delayed the schedule and replaced the shipping company by bringing the hardware to the users on site themselves. DATAGROUP also always stood by SCHWENK on site, ensuring strict compliance with the corona-related hygiene concept and finding solutions when it was determined that the on-site network had reached its limits during training and hardware changeover.

Henriette Wander
+49 731 93542-815

»It was very important for us to find a service provider that meets our employees where they are. With DATAGROUP, we have found exactly this partner. We were particularly convinced by the quality, communication and initiative of the DATAGROUP employees, the flexibility and solution orientation, and the fast and uncomplicated coordination channels.«

Stefan Renz (IT Services Process and Project Management)


The Schwenk company was founded in Ulm in 1847. SCHWENK Zement GmbH & Co.KG is one of the oldest family-owned companies in the German building materials industry. Today, the company is one of the most modern and innovative manufacturers in the industry. It combines a wealth of experience in which the cement, concrete, sand & gravel and pump divisions act as one value chain.