Service Desk as First Point of Contract for SPIE SAG’s Corporate IT


In order to ensure a reliable, flexible, profitable, and high-quality IT operation, SPIE SAG put numerous service areas of IT up for bidding. Recognizing DATAGROUP as best-in-class, SPIE SAG selected DATARGOUP as its new IT provider for the service desk.

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The DATAGROUP Service Desk is the central point of contact around the clock for all IT requests within the SPIE SAG group.

The DATAGROUP Service Desk locations in Germany are exclusively staffed with qualified IT professionals. This results in a high percentage of immediate resolutions in the event of incidents, and relieves SPIE SAG’s internal and external IT specialists in the downstream service entities. If immediate resolution is not feasible and internal or external specialist have to be brought in, the service desk monitors the entire resolution process, escalates it in the event of delays, and keeps users informed as to the work status.


Marino Simunic
T +49 7127 970 285

„For users, the service desk is the single point of contact for incidents and service requests. In this function it is not only the poster child for corporate IT, but also has a direct effect on the quality of the service processes. In DATAGROUP we have found the right partner for this important function.“

Andreas Klenz, Partner Manager


SPIE SAG is the leading partner in energy engineering infrastructure for utility and industrial companies. With approx. 8,000 employees, SPIE SAG provides manufacturer-independent services and systems for energy generation as well as power, gas, and water transmission and distribution networks. With over 100 locations, SPIE SAG is extensively represented in Germany and also has affiliates in France, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia.