Digital Order Processing via App at Teva

SAPUI5 Fiori App for Order Processing in the Teva Warehouse

For the cytostatics product group, Teva’s existing SAP consignemt app was to be adapted to the new processes due to a new warehouse structure. Teva chose DATAGROUP as its redesign partner. With the new app, cytostatics can be picked smartly by scan and touch. Via this mobile solution, employees have an overview of what is currently in the consigment worklist at all times.

Customization of the Existing App with SAPUI5

The goal of the project was to adapt an existing web app to a redesigned order process. The existing app was part of a larger app infrastructure developed in-house by Teva, which had many interfaces with existing architectures and legacy systems.

The challenge for DATAGROUP was to adapt the app in this complex framework so that it both met the new requirements and took into account the existing interactions. DATAGROUP succeeded in implementing these requirements of Teva accordingly and adapting the app to the processes.

Scanner Function for Easier Picking

Process reliability is ensured by this mobile solution and supporting scanner function.

The app offers the possibility to scan and verify the storage location as well as the goods and container barcodes via a counter-scan. This represents a fundamental simplification in the process. Furthermore, the app covers different picking structures – from a single package to a full original carton. Depending on the selected process, users use a barcode on a transport tray for single picking or stick a continuous barcode on an original carton. These barcodes can be used at any time to identify what contents are in the package and to which customer shipment the package belongs. This process gives Teva a real-time overview of which deliveries have already been processed and which are still open.

With the help of the app, the picker also has the option of directly posting an inventory. As soon as a storage bin becomes empty during the picking process – whether due to a regular stock reduction of the bin to zero or a difference booking – the app automatically opens an inventory window in which an inventory booking can be confirmed.

Another benefit of the app is that during the picking process, damaged goods can be booked out directly at the storage location using the mobile solution. This makes the work of the pickers much easier and supports them directly in their processes.

Gerhard Wies
Senior Sales Manager
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„Working with DATAGROUP was very pleasant. They familiarized themselves intensively with our complex system landscape to adapt the app to the requirements of our new processes. SAPUI5 solutions offer us the opportunity in the operational areas to effectively and efficiently support all employees in their daily work with flexible, user-friendly and intuitive applications. Away from the rigid front end, towards individual screen preparation for different areas of application.“

Alexander Bentele, Associate Director Distribution International and Logistic Support at Transpharm Logistik GmbH, part of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries

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