Individual Application Management Services

DATAGROUP Application Management Services (AMS) relieves you of the administrative burden of individual applications, application components or complex administration landscapes.

We provide:

  • Systematic monitoring and maintenance of applications
  • Implementation and documentation of configuration changes
  • Administrative tasks such as clearing of cache, restarts, backups, checking services and installing updates and patches
  • Qualified fault management with second-level support and third-party management

We also assist you in answering any questions regarding technical processes and we directly approach the line managers and IT employees in your company if there is any problem or need for clarification.

Additionally, we support you in overarching requirements such as a technical migration or expansion of your application landscape within the range of our Application Management Services.

Our services include much more than the static maintenance of applications. We also provide assistance for continued development and optimization:

  • Proactive identification of flaws
  • Analysis and repair of complex problems
  • Assessment of new requirements
  • Consulting in the implementation of business processes

All of our services are provided in Germany. This guarantees you a smooth cooperation and a high quality of services.

Application Management Services – Your advantages at a glance

  • Application support including fault management and troubleshooting, second-level support and third-party management
  • Application operations including monitoring, operative administration, care and maintenance as well as application hygiene
  • Continued development and consulting regarding the stabilization and optimization of your applications
  • Analysis and repair of complex faults, patch and release management as well as demand and change management including DevOps and development
  • Made in Germany

Torsten Sietmann
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