Microsoft Teams

Modern Workplace & Collaboration Platform

Collaboration across geographical boundaries is a cornerstone of business success. A modern collaboration platform that combines communication with document management and simple, user-friendly operation is indispensable today. With Microsoft Teams, you have the right foundation for a future-proof Modern Workplace.

Gradual Introduction of Microsoft Teams

With our proven deployment strategy, you can get started quickly with Microsoft Teams and then gradually build the solution to an all-in-one collaboration and communication platform.

  • Quickstart
    With the entry-level program “Microsoft QuickStart”, DATAGROUP offers every company the opportunity to use Microsoft Teams in the shortest possible time.
    Meetings, chats, and content sharing are thus almost immediately usable. With this rapid deployment, existing heterogeneous and unstable landscapes can be replaced quickly and efficiently.
  • M365 Cloud
    The second step is to fully embed Teams into your systems with the M365 Cloud. This not only takes place without disruptions and in close coordination with you, but also represents a milestone towards your Modern Workplace. DATAGROUP has broad integration expertise here.
  • Integrate Business Processes
    Business processes, such as approval workflows, which were previously error-prone, time-consuming and cost-intensive to map in individual systems, can now be integrated in teams.
    Teams thus becomes a central service with high process consistency and efficiency.
  • Operation and further Expansion
    You have arrived in the Modern Workplace and feel more comfortable every day. To keep it that way, the DATAGROUP operations team provides support around the clock, 365 days a year, if needed. ITIL-based processes and best practice know-how are your daily gain through DATAGROUP.
    We also support you in the further integration of services in teams, for example physical meetings or telephony.

Microsoft Teams – the No. 1 Tool for Digital Communication and Collaboration

With Microsoft Teams, you are relying on a future-proof platform for the working world of today – and tomorrow. With comprehensive features that are continuously refined and expanded, you can be sure that your employees have the right foundation for successful collaboration.

  • Communication & Collaboration
    Instant chat capabilities, content delivery and editing, and meeting features enable your business to thrive in today’s fast-paced work environment. Virtual team collaboration brings together geographically separated employees.
  • Integration & Scalability
    Secure and efficient remote working becomes possible with Teams. The integration of all Microsoft Cloud products also enables the complete mapping of your company’s business processes in one tool. The cloud infrastructure means that nothing stands in the way of scaling your company.
  • Design of your Business Processes
    With the integration of additional Microsoft Developer Services, Microsoft Teams enables highly customized mapping and automation of your business processes.
  • Security & Compliance
    The integrated Security and Compliance Center in M365 means your organization can be audited in no time and withstand even major threats.

Microsoft Teams With DATAGROUP – Your Advantages at a Glance

  • Fast implementation, adapted to the needs of your company
  • One Stop Shop: From consulting to implementation to operation and expansion
  • Use of Best Practices

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