Onsite Support Services

Our onsite support assists you with all IT tasks that can not be done remotely. It installs and maintains hardware, swaps out broken devices, and is there to get computer workstations, printers, multifunction systems, and other IT peripherals up and running fast.

We offer two models:

  1. Technical Field Service, which comes to you on demand
  2. Permanent onsite support by one of our employees for a site size of at least 300 workstations

The services can basically be divided into two areas:

  1. Break-and-fix services ensure the fast recovery of failed IT systems
  2. IMAC/R/D services (Install, move, add, change, remove and dispose) include all plannable tasks, such as the installation, expansion and also the dismantling and disposal of IT workstations

In transparent monthly reports, you will receive an overview of the services you have received. For example, information about the number of open and resolved tickets and the absolute and percentage change from the previous month. Upon request, you will receive detailed insight into the distribution of orders across the various service areas.

Onsite Support Service – your benefits at a glance

  • Installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of IT workstations, printers, multifunction systems and other peripherals
  • Fast response to outages and problems (break-and-fix-services)
  • We provide all IMAC/R/D tasks (install, move, add, change, remove and dispose)
  • Cost-effective, demand-based provision via our Field Service (optional)
  • Intensive, personal on-site support through permanent on-site support (optional)

Sebastian Kern
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