Managed Server

No matter whether server, private cloud or public cloud: Servers are the backbone of every data center infrastructure. They process data, analyze information and provide the necessary power for for running applications. The data center performance stands or falls with their efficiency and availability.

This often means permanent stress for administrators. They must continuously keep track of the operating status of all servers, anticipate bottlenecks, exchange or retrofit hardware, start and stop virtual servers, apply patches and much more.

We undertake these extensive tasks for you. Regardless of whether you have virtual or physical servers, use the advantages of the public cloud or rather prefer a private environment – we have the right solution for your needs. The computing and storage capacities of our servers are a stable and flexible basis for your business applications.
Our DATAGROUP data center provides you with both physical and virtual server instances. In the public cloud, there is only the virtual version available. You can book the services according to your needs, either in the form of physical CPU cores and RAM memory size or as vCPU and vRAM for virtual environments. The necessary operating system licenses can be ordered additionally as an option.

Patch management is a key component of our Managed Server offering. In our private cloud, our experts ensure that the important patches and hotfixes are applied in a timely manner. We also install and maintain virus scanners for servers with managed operating system level.

In the public cloud we assist you with consulting services, the initial provision of server resources, the cloud systems as well as in reporting and billing.

Managed Server – Your Advantages at a Glance

  • Provision of dedicated physical or virtual servers in our data center (private cloud)
  • Provision of virtual servers from the public cloud
  • Monitoring and maintenance for smooth operation
  • Check for and application of important patches and hotfixes
  • Installation and maintenance of virus scanners (for servers with managed operating system level)
  • Monthly usage-based billing (private cloud) or billing according to the standards of the public cloud provider

Ivan Gunjaca
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