Service Desk

The Service Desk is the heart of our services. It is the central point of contact for the users and IT employees in your company.

The Service Desk provides first-level support, receives your messages, handles them or forwards them if necessary. We continuously follow up the processing status of incidents, service calls and other inquiries. All processes are certified according to ISO 20000. This will guarantee you a consistently high level of quality and security of all services.

You can reach the Service Desk employees by telephone, email and fax or optionally via a self-service portal. A virtual multi-channel ACD (automatic call distribution) ensures that your call is immediately forwarded to the appropriate contact. This contact will record, categorize and prioritize messages and will work together with you to find a solution, e.g. with a workaround.

If this does not suffice, he will forward your request to second-level support, the supplier or to the manufacturer. But even then, he will not leave you to yourself but will track the progress and processing status over the ticket’s entire lifetime and will keep you informed about it.

If messages exceed the agreed service level, we will certainly inform the responsible contact in your company and will work together on a solution. We work out the most suitable solutions and preventive measures for frequent problems so that your systems will be back in operation again as soon as possible or errors are prevented in the first place. If maintenance is required, which leads to scheduled downtimes, our Service Desk will inform your employees in advance in a timely manner.

Service Desk – Your Advantages at a Glance

  • Central point of contact and first-level support
  • Messages are received by telephone, email, fax or an optional self-service portal
  • Direct dial via ACD to the appropriate contact
  • Analysis and resolution of incidents by telephone or remote access
  • Qualified forwarding of errors that cannot be directly recovered to second-level support, supplier or manufacturer
  • End-to-end monitoring of the ticket progress (ticket ownership) and ongoing information of the user
  • Documentation of known errors with proposals for solutions and preventive measures
  • Timely information of users about scheduled downtimes

Tobias Schwedhelm
T +49 173 643 7474
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