Electronic Petitions Process

Several state parliaments in Germany use DATAGROUP’s petitions process. According to state constitution every citizen has the right to submit queries and complaints in a petition to the State Parliament. The State Parliament Petitions Committee is obliged to examine every filed petition objectively and then propose appropriate solutions.

DATAGROUP’s petition process electronically maps all workflows from the receipt of the petition to the closing procedures. There is also a parliamentary (MP) portal that allows access to the petition files and meetings with all decisions and documents. This means quicker access to information needed at individually specified times.

The petition process is an example of a document and workflow management solution based on Microsoft SharePoint. It uses a web-oriented, user-friendly interfaces and offers the State Parliament many advantages.

Our range of services also include the migration of existing data.

The petition process has proven to considerably improve efficiency and reduce costs. All solutions can be optimally adapted to the petitions process of each individual country.

Citizens also benefit from using this method:

  • Transparency and time savings in processing petitions
  • Information to applicants or MPs can be issued more quickly, since all information is available at your fingertips

Advantages of the Electronic Petitions Process

  • The electronic petition file is the central storage for all petition information, which is always available to authorized employees in the current version
  • Easily find petitions through powerful search
  • Facilitation by submission templates (sample documents)
  • Monitoring of deadlines
  • Integrated address administration: persons, institutions, representatives
  • Session handling: Assists in the preparation and follow-up of meetings through the automated creation of agendas
  • Automatic generation of statistics and evaluations
  • Integration of Microsoft Office products


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