Internet of Things (IoT)

Industry 4.0 and IoT – Digital revolution of the industry

Industry 4.0 has long been a viable concept. It comprises the interlocking of industrial production technologies with modern IT systems.

The focus is on communication between people, machines, products and IT systems along the entire value chain. The technological basis is the Internet of Things (IoT), which is the key to success in the increasingly networked world in many industries.

So the technologies are already available. Not only in logistics, development or service, but also in production. For companies it is therefore important not to lose touch and to increase efficiency through smart production facilities.

For a long time, IoT was only viewed from two sides: from the sensor or as a big picture of a digitization strategy designed on the drawing board. In practice, however, it has been shown that a different approach promises more success: IoT should always be thought of from the process. It is about the optimization and automation of work processes using modern IT solutions. It is important that the solution is modularly expandable and can be combined and connected with other systems and solutions. Such as with our open and innovative maintenance solution OPRA. This allows classic processes to be mapped, accessibility via mobile devices to be set up and at the same time a wide variety of use cases, such as predictive maintenance, to be implemented.

We subsume IoT under the term IIoT because we have the requirements of industrial companies in mind.

Our Solutions Prepare Your Production for the Revolution

As an IT service provider, we have made it our daily business to implement the requirements of our customers. This has resulted in solutions and intelligent applications for all aspects of digital transformation:

IIoT Connector – Your Smart Start

The IIoT-Connector is a solution developed in-house to provide you with a simple, fast and cost-effective entry. This provides you with an entry-level solution that can be modularly expanded according to your requirements for immediate and efficient implementation, with variable service provision:

  1. On-Premise – i.e. your data is located in your company
    This IIoT scenario is intended for companies that do not want to entrust data to a cloud solution at all. The data remains strictly within the company.
  2. Private Cloud – i.e. your data is located in a DATAGROUP data center
    The way to switch to the cloud step by step is based on careful analysis and planning. As in the on-premise scenario with the IIoT connector, companies should first gain experience in a simple cloud scenario. For example, machine data can be sent to the cloud where it can then be read out. At the same time, access to the machines from the cloud is not possible.
  3. Public / Multi-Cloud – i.e. your data is located in different clouds (e.g. combination SAP and Microsoft)
    In this case, the company ties itself more strongly to a cloud solution and a cloud provider. However, this scenario also offers the greatest functionality and allows the integration of machine learning, for example. Communication between machine and cloud also works in both directions, so that machines can also be controlled from the cloud.

You can round this off with other solutions from our IIoT family:

  • Maintenance solution OPRA
    OPRA is a self-developed maintenance and repair software based on SAP.
  • Worker App
    The Worker App is a special application for workers and is available on mobile devices. It enables direct access to the processes and allows intelligent interruption and confirmation management. A lot of additional information about the machine is provided in a user-friendly way, thus creating an optimal transparency of the actual situation.
  • Factory Monitor
    The Factory Monitor was developed to meet the requirements of dispatchers, production managers and controllers. It displays the current status of the machine states and has a comprehensive real-time view of the machine states, thus providing a 360° view of the entire production.
  • Assembly Cockpit
    The functionality is similar to the Worker App for the installer. Drawings, plans and instructions etc. can be viewed directly.
  • Further applications
    MM and QM App

… and thus enable various potential benefits:

  • Manufacturer-independent connection of heterogeneous machine parks
  • Optimized production planning and efficient production control
  • Smart production monitoring
  • Automatic message generation
  • Prevention of unplanned downtimes (predictive maintenance)
  • Paperless manufacturing
  • Visualization options
  • Quality assurance (GMP/FDA, documentation and their processes)

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Engelhard: Introduction of SAP Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and OPRA

With OPRA, the pharmaceutical manufacturer Engelhard meets the strict compliance regulations in the pharmaceutical sector. SAP user is Engelhard Arzneimittel GmbH & Co. KG from Niederdorfelden in Hesse has been a SAP user for some time, only the Plant Maintenance module has not been used so far. Instead, the company recorded working hours at the machines via its production system, while the maintenance processes for the packaging, filling and labelling machines were traditionally handled on paper.

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