SAP Data & Document Management

Information in the form of electronic data or documents is the basis for every business process. However, rapid availability is not always guaranteed. Thus, too high a data volume leads to a noticeably poor performance. Documents – whether paper or digital – are not optimally accessible to every intended user. In addition, ever stricter legal regulations govern the handling of data and documents, resulting in high costs and increasingly severe penalties for non-compliance. Many new questions also arise in connection with the S/4-HANA migration: What should be done with the data/documents from the legacy systems? Can they be transferred to the new landscape?

DATAROUP consultants are familiar with all these problems and the challenges they pose for companies.

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SAP Data Management

Control your increasing data load efficiently, transparently and legally compliant

The data load increases exponentially. Legal regulations are becoming stricter and personal data is becoming increasingly important and worthy of protection. The switch to SAP S/4 HANA is within reach. These are at least three good reasons to take a closer look at your database and clean it up, so that your reporting system can provide reliable information in the long term. We can offer you the following services:

  • SAP system analysis to identify critical tables for data archiving and to create database growth forecasts
  • Creation of archiving roadmaps
  • Implementation of data archiving and data deletion, including preparation for your S/4HANA migration
  • Implementation of the SAP ILM component for automatic data archiving and personal data management, monitoring of existing archiving and ILM solutions
  • Implementation of migrations
  • Advice on the handling of personal data according to DSGVO and consideration of the requirements in Information Life Cycle Management
  • Consulting for handling SAP legacy systems
  • Consulting on the handling of personal data in Business Warehouse systems

Information Life Cycle Management (ILM) – The provision for low database growth

With SAP’s ILM solution, you can continuously monitor your data stock and efficiently manage it in the long term – throughout the entire lifecycle of data records, from creation to deletion. This does not only include the archiving of data. Legal requirements for data retention, data destruction and the obligation to provide evidence considerably extend the demands on data management. According to the EU-DSGVO, existing personal data stocks must be earmarked for a specific purpose. If this earmarking has expired, the data must be removed reliably, completely and physically from the database. By implementing appropriate ILM scenarios, your company can not only overcome this hurdle. There are also other positive side effects, such as:

  • Data stocks cannot reach a critical limit
  • Your SAP is EU-DSGVO compliant
  • Increased system performance and faster response times
  • Improvement of backup times
  • Increased data quality
  • Optimal preparation for your S/4HANA conversion
  • Lower acquisition costs for hardware purchase

SAP Document Management

Take control of your document-based processes and make consistent use of printed information

The number of daily processes that are still based on paper, Excel or by sending file attachments is still extremely high in most companies. The associated personnel effort, the errors generated and unintentional compliance violations should not be underestimated. Printed information is not optimally managed, it is often difficult to access and lacks transparency. High time to look for automated DMS solutions.

We offer:

  • Strategic and manufacturer-independent consulting on the handling of incoming and outgoing documents (Archive Value Check) as well as analysis of business- and thus archive-relevant documents in the individual departments
  • Automation of document-related processes using DMS, workflows and/or RPA
  • Implementation of document migrations of any kind
  • Harmonization of existing DMS stores, processes and archive repositories
  • Software consulting for ECM solutions inside and outside SAP
  • Continuous service including hosting of SAP and ECM possible
  • Support in the creation of process documentation

SAP Data & Document Management – Your Advantages at a Glance

  • Efficient, transparent and legally compliant control and archiving of documents
  • Control data stocks in compliance with the law throughout the entire life cycle
  • Better performance and optimal accessibility for users