Deutsche Telekom

Innovative costs savings and increased quality

Companies in the telecommunications industry can benefit greatly as users of Robotic Process Automation. Typically, telecommunication companies have a very high number of customers. Some of their processes are high-frequency, often manually processed, highly repetitive and rule-based. Ergo the ideal conditions for RPA.


The digital robots automatically handle a variety of different business processes, such as chargebacks or contract changes. In less than two years, more than 40 different processes have been automated, including complex ones with processing times of more than 10 minutes.

RPA also enabled Deutsche Telekom to implement new, innovative processes that would have been too costly without automation.

Digital robots are used to relieve employees of their daily mundane work, so that they can concentrate on more demanding tasks. The fully automated handling of processes allows for greater efficiency compared to manual work and leads to time and cost savings as well as more satisfied customers through an increase in service quality.

Overall, the robots work successfully with over 30 different applications (e.g. e-mail management, SAP, Siebel CRM, route planning and ticketing systems).


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»RPA is seamlessly integrated into our compley system environment. By automating key high-volume processes, we were able to achieve significant cost and time savings after only a short time.«

Christoph Bill, Head of Infrastructure and Workflowmanagement Deutsche Telekom