IT Carve-out and IT Outsourcing for STARK Germany

DATAGROUP took over the IT carve-out from the former parent company for STARK Germany, a leading construction retailer. In the future, DATAGROUP will manage Service Desk, Data Center, Mobile Device Management, End User Services and Network Services in IT outsourcing for the company.

IT Carve-Out

In the course of the carve-out from the former parent company Saint Gobain, DATAGROUP not only reorganized the complex underlying infrastructure, but also equipped the approximately 5,000 employees with new end devices.


Saint Gobain’s relatively complex infrastructure and IT requirements meant that the standard migration approach via Veeam backup software could not be implemented. DATAGROUP therefore chose an agile approach in close cooperation with the French IT department of the former parent company. The servers were backed up to hard drives and transported by car to Germany, where they were restored at the DATAGROUP data center. Thanks to this unusual but flexible approach, the migration was completed without any impact on the daily work of Stark employees.

User Clients

The user devices also had to be reset. The aim was to design the backup of the user data as simple as possible. DATAGROUP developed its own tool for this purpose. Via a stick, the users can download the tool from their own intranet, can backup all data via a simple, intuitive interface and transfer it via the stick to the new PC. Data sovereignty thus remains with the customer. With the new devices, the users are fully operational again in just 30 minutes.

IT Outsourcing

Following the IT carve-out, DATAGROUP will provide the following services to STARK in the future:

Hartmut Graf
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“DATAGROUP proved to be a flexible and reliable partner for this project. Together, we were able to deliver a successful project in the required time and in overall good quality despite very demanding general conditions (keyword Corona). Of course, there were restrictions here and there for our employees, but overall it ran amazingly smoothly and without any “real catastrophes”. The high ticket volume at the end of the project was brought back to an acceptable level by DATAGROUP within a short time and with a lot of commitment.”

Dirk Scheffler, Director IT / CIO at STARK Germany

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About STARK Germany

STARK Deutschland GmbH is part of the STARK GROUP, headquartered in Copenhagen. As Germany’s leading building materials retailer, STARK Deutschland is at the forefront of 11 strong building materials brands at 220 locations.

From generalists to specialists, from building construction to civil engineering, STARK in the network supplies all the building materials that professionals from a wide range of trades need. Including a wide range of helpful services.